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The course can be completed from the comfort and safety of your own home. There are no scheduled meetings. Our online course is entirely flexible! It has been scientifically proven that memory and learning are improved when the knowledge is immediately relevant to you. We recommend taking the baby care course before baby arrives, it then remains accessible for a year thereafter. This means we can answer any questions once the baby arrives! The Uplifters Babycare course is easily accessed using a simple smartphone or any wifi device. It offers a unique learning environment, where domestic workers feel comfortable asking questions. Other baby care courses are usually in person and set at a fast pace. At Uplifters, we have trained more than 3,600 domestic workers in the last 3 years. Our online course is tailor-made to their needs. It’s easy to understand, with simple English vocabulary, and videos are translated into both Tagalog (Filipino) and Bahasa (Indonesian). The content can be reviewed as often as needed until the domestic worker has a sound understanding.You and your domestic worker will have unlimited access to a Facebook Group on Baby Care to ask questions to our community of participants (anonymously if needed) and also attend online Q&A sessions with baby care experts (two sessions a month on average).

Testimonial - Sophie, Hong Kong Parent

“ The course is very comprehensive and pragmatic, the way it’s structured make you really remember the key things you have to know to take care of the baby. I would have loved to take this course when having my first baby three year ago. It was still a great refresher for me as I’m expecting my second one soon. I really appreciate as well how it is giving tips on how to approach your relationship with your helper, I must say I was completely clueless back then and those tips would have definitely be useful! ”

Testimonial - Ailenemae, Hong Kong Domestic Worker

“As a domestic helper, we aim to earn our employers care and trust. I found myself very interested and eager to learn throughout the Uplifters Baby Care online course on my own. It is very clear and detailed with the short stories in every lesson, and I believe this is so helpful for overseas foreign workers (OFW) like me. I learned how to calm myself in every situation that I may encounter with my employer, how to promote a good employer-employee relationship by being open to discuss every detail about the child’s activities, especially if something wrong happens. Honesty is the secret for longterm employment, whatever the circumstances, we need to express our feelings in a proper way to avoid misunderstanding and have better communication. I am highly recommending this online course to both OFWs and aspiring employers who are starting a family. It is very helpful for employers and OFW to learn together and have access to the course to give them a strong foundation to lessen the possibilities of breaking or terminating their contract.”

About Uplifters

We uplift lives with online education and community support. Our non-profit organisation helps migrant domestic workers and underprivileged communities break the cycle of poverty and build the lives they want for themselves, their families and their countries.